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2025 Super Bowl odds: 49ers favored over Chiefs | Betting

2025 Super Bowl odds: 49ers favored over Chiefs | Betting

The 49ers lost to the Chiefs in Super Bowl 58 on Sunday, but they’re small favorites over Kansas City at the Westgate SuperBook to win the 2025 Super Bowl.

San Francisco is the 5-1 favorite to win the NFL title next year at New Orleans. The Chiefs are the 7-1 second choice and the Baltimore Ravens are the 8-1 third pick.

“Power-rating-wise in the NFC, the 49ers are head and shoulders better than the second-best team in Dallas, and then Detroit. The AFC is more balanced,” SuperBook oddsmaker Ed Salmons said. “Kansas City and Baltimore will probably be 1 and 1a.”

The SuperBook already has taken some decent-sized wagers on teams to win next year’s conference championships and Super Bowl.

It took a $20,000 wager to win $100,000 on Sunday on the Ravens to win the AFC title at 5-1 odds. It also took a $6,000 bet to win $36,000 on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl at 6-1 odds and a $9,000 wager to win $81,000 on the Chiefs to three-peat at 9-1 odds.

Kansas City leads the ticket count for Super Bowl 59.

“The perception is the Chiefs won, so the kids are going to come back on the Chiefs,” Salmons said. “They do it every year.”

The Bills are the 12-1 fourth choice to win the Super Bowl, followed by the Lions and Bengals at 14-1, and the Eagles, Cowboys and Packers at 16-1.

“There are so many teams in the AFC. Buffalo is just a notch below Baltimore and Kansas City. If Buffalo can ever beat Kansas City, maybe they can win the Super Bowl,” Salmons said. “The Bengals will get (Joe) Burrow back. They’ll be a player again. Then you have Miami, and the Texans are a young team on the rise, and Jacksonville will get Trevor Lawrence back.”

The Dolphins are the 20-1 10th choice, followed by the Texans, Bears and Chargers at 25-1. The Jaguars, Rams and Jets are 30-1.

The Chargers, under new coach Jim Harbaugh, are No. 2 in tickets at the SuperBook. The Raiders, 80-1 long shots under new coach Antonio Pierce, are third in tickets.

“I’ll say this about the Raiders. They’re good for business,” Salmons said. “There’s money already. It’s a constant flow. They always bet them. Local team and high odds equal bets.”

The Broncos, Giants, Commanders and Patriots are each 100-1, the Titans are 200-1, and the Panthers are the longest shots on the board at 300-1.

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