Raiders defense improved, fans ask why? | Raiders News

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Raiders defense improved, fans ask why? | Raiders News

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Raiders defense improved, fans ask why? | Raiders News

The Raiders broke a three-game losing streak with a win over the Packers on Monday night. Now they look to build on it against the Patriots on Sunday.

Their fans have a lot of questions about all that. Here’s a sampling of what arrived in this week’s mailbag:

J (@JMacPR): Do you think Patrick Graham being up in the booth has really made a big difference in our defense playing so well?

VINCENT BONSIGNORE: It has not hurt, that’s for sure. But the bigger factor is the impact of some of the Raiders’ newcomers and the improvements from the holdovers who are now in their second seasons in Graham’s system.

DEATH STAR SOURCES (@3DeathSources): If Raiders let’s say make playoffs, how do they trade up to the top overall pick to select Caleb Williams?

VB: That would likely take them out of that running. But always remember the Chiefs traded from the 27 to 10 to select Patrick Mahomes back in the day. So there is still a chance they could trade into an area that could land them one of the handful of intriguing QB prospects in this draft.

Raiders 8-14 get Caleb and Ben (@JohnIsaac55): How much rope does Jimmy Garoppolo have? He leads the league in picks. Can he be benched?

VB: If the Raiders fall completely out of playoff contention and Garoppolo’s play is one of the primary issues, it would not be a shock if they sat him down to get a prolonged look at rookie Aidan O’Connell.

Naylor (@nayloraider): Are the Raiders shopping Hunter Renfrow?

VB: Shopping him? No. Are teams calling about him, and are the Raiders open to taking those calls? Those types of calls happen all the time, and it behooves the Raiders to listen. That doesn’t mean any of those calls will lead to a trade, but if the right offer is made, it’s conceivable the Raiders would be agreeable.

BrandonElCholoLopez (@Brandon30297478): What are the chances of the Raiders signing Frank Clark?

VB: Slim and none.

The Raiders are always on the lookout for help, but they will not do anything if it’s for an veteran who is realistically just a wash to what they already have and will take away developmental snaps from younger players. They will absolutely be interested in upgrades, especially with younger players who represent more than just a rental possibility.

Matt Nicoli (@NYRaider31): Chances Raider make a run at a trade for (Commanders) defensive lineman Chase Young?

VB: This has nothing to do with Young, who would fit pretty well with the Raiders on the short term. The issue is the cost it would take to get him — either one premium draft pick and a player or two draft picks including one premium selection — and the cost to keep him beyond the rest of the season.

One way or another, the Raiders have to address their long-term quarterback. Either by finishing in a draft position that puts them in range for one of the premium quarterback prospects or by trading up to get one of them. The latter will require draft capital, so it makes little sense for them to part with premium picks right now if it means curtailing their chances of trading up for a quarterback.

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