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Raiders’ Davante Adams says he has no issues with team

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Raiders’ Davante Adams says he has no issues with team

Star wide receiver Davante Adams said Thursday he’s happy to be a Raider and enjoys his relationship with coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler.

Recent comments by Adams raised questions about how content he was with the direction of the club. But, speaking after a morning workout during organized team activities, he made it clear that wasn’t the case.

“I love my head coach, and I love the general manager here,” Adams said.

Adams stressed that if he didn’t feel that way, the last place he would have been was standing in front of the media saying things he didn’t believe.

“I have no reason to lie,” Adams said. “One thing I don’t do is B.S., so I’m not going to make anything up when it comes to that. I’d rather keep my mouth closed if I have negative things to say. When I say that these are good men in this place and that I really value the relationship I have with them, I mean that.”

Adams’ comments were in response to an article in The Ringer in which he was quoted as saying, among other things, that he and the Raiders’ decision-makers “don’t see eye to eye on what we think is best for us right now.”

Adams said Thursday that things sometimes get “taken out of context,” but his relationship with the Raiders, in which his opinions are encouraged, is one he had never experienced in his career.

“I felt that from the first time I got the call after getting traded, that that’s the type of environment I was going to be coming into,” he said.

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